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Cool Ark Embroidery Serivces for everyone

Cool Ark Embroidery Serivces for everyone

Tips for Wearing Big and Tall Men’s T-shirt

Sourcing good quality big and tall men's T-shirt is no longer a difficult task. Not so long ago this was a size limited to only specialty retail stores, but now is easily found in most T-shirt stores across the country. What’s more, what was thought of as “regular” a few years ago has now been re-classified as “big and tall” which means that there are more customers clamoring to find T-shirt in this category. Silkscreen printing Singapore The increasing customer base has led retailers to introduce more options for style, price and choice. There are so many options available for people who need big and tall T-shirt that figuring out what to wear can be a real challenge. Here are some tips for choosing the right T-shirt to suit your needs.

Try to find fabrics that breathe but do not "flow." Shirts that have that 'flowy' look to them may seem like a good idea to wear. These fabrics feel soft to the touch, and they do breathe very well. These types of shirts can also create the appearance of 'largeness' and can actually make you look like you weigh much more.

Fabrics that are cotton, or some kind of blend, will be better for you. The good thing about these fabrics is they will not create that appearance because they are stiffer, less flowy, and they also allow for air to circulate. This is good news, though, for people who are weight-sensitive because the fabric holds better and changes the appearance. You should also try to pick T-shirt with a lower cut waistline. High waisted pants don't really suit many people, which could be one reason why they aren't readily available any longer. Embroidery Services Singapore Look for pants that are cut as mid-rise or low-waist so they'll sit lower on your hips. You'll find cuts like this could lengthen the appearance of your torso. You should try to look for pants that will sit a little below your waist. There's also the risk of giving yourself a 'muffin top' appearance if you get pants that are too low cut down your hips.

Pick fabrics that will give your structure the support you need. Rather than choosing slacks or khaki pants, try on some denim jeans, as these can hold more weight for bigger men. Denim can hold some of the weight in where lighter pants will do little more than cut off your circulation while emphasizing your curves. Be careful with your fabric choices. Light and flowy fabrics might breathe better but they can also make you look bigger than you really are. There are many tactics you can use to making shopping for big and tall men's T-shirt much more fun. Choosing the right clothes can be easy, regardless of what size you wear. The trick is to find a look that works for you and then build your collection of T-shirt that fits that look. With so many designers now offering ranges of big and tall men's T-shirt, it's easier than ever to find something to suit you. You might be surprised how easy it is to find T-shirt that makes you look and feel great.

Embroidery Services Singapore

Our highly specialised embroidery devices at Ark Industries are able to produce felt appliqué, chenille and sequin embroidery. Perfect focus on detail is crucial throughout the delicate embroidery process and we pride ourselves on delivering one of the very best embroidery services in Singapore. Embroidery Services Our embroidery services include badge embroidery, 3D embroidery on caps, embroidery on golf bags and polo t-shirts.

Ark Industries: Your Custom Embroidery Specialist

Our experienced personnel ensures that the embroidery of your logo designs and artwork looks excellent on your option of garments. Merely send us your logo design or art work as high resolution images and we will digitise them to be all set for embroidery. We use high quality thread from the global supplier, Madeira, therefore the colours of the embroidery will remain lively even after numerous washes.

Ark Industries' Range of Products

Embroider your logo designs or art work on our large range of items! We are brand partners with adidas, Taylormade, Flexfit, Under Armour and Puma. Select items from these brands such as polo t-shirts, teamwear jerseys or caps!

Select from a wide selection of items
• Basic round neck or v-neck tees
• Cotton or polyester golf shirt
• Teamwear jerseys and shorts
• Custom gowns or button t-shirts

Here at Ark Industries, we supply customized printing, embroidery and personalized design advancement services for business and brands alike.
We are likewise the Asia Pacific distributor for Yupoong Flexfit headwear.

To comprehend more about our variety of services and items, please see the above categories.

Our extremely specialised embroidery devices at Ark Industries are able to produce felt sequin, appliqué and chenille embroidery. Flawless attention to information is important throughout the fragile embroidery process and we pride ourselves on providing one of the finest embroidery services in Singapore. Our embroidery services include badge embroidery, 3D embroidery on caps, embroidery on golf bags and polo shirts.